MIRAGE – The Tribute to Fleetwood Mac


Introducing Mirage Visions of Fleetwood Mac, an extraordinary tribute band that captures the essence and magic of the legendary Fleetwood Mac. Led by Michelle Tyler, who embodies the enchanting spirit of Stevie Nicks, Mirage brings Stevie’s captivating vocals and mesmerizing stage presence to life.

Annie Boxell beautifully channels the grace and depth of Christine McVie, infusing each performance with her soulful voice and elegant musicianship. Rick Thibodeau effortlessly embodies the rhythmic backbone of John McVie, delivering the iconic bass lines that define Fleetwood Mac’s sound. Keith Foelsch channels the passion and virtuosity of Lindsey Buckingham, showcasing his exceptional guitar skills and contributing his unique energy to the band’s performances. Richard Graham, as Mick Fleetwood, masterfully captures the legendary drummer’s charisma and driving force behind the band’s iconic rhythm section.

Renowned by AXS TV as the world’s greatest tribute band to Fleetwood Mac, Mirage Visions of Fleetwood Mac has earned the esteemed approval and praise of none other than Stevie Nicks herself. Their dedication to preserving the timeless legacy of Fleetwood Mac shines through in every note they play, every lyric they sing, and every performance they deliver.

Get ready to be transported to the golden era of Fleetwood Mac as Mirage Visions of Fleetwood Mac takes the stage, recreating the magic and timeless music that has captivated generations. Experience the authentic spirit and sound of Fleetwood Mac like never before, and let Mirage sweep you away on an unforgettable musical journey.


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